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Politica di Qualità

To ensure the sustainability and growth of VEGE Moteurs Company, whose mission is the remanufacturing of mechanical parts in an environment characterised by aggressive competition and high customer expectations, we do believe that quality is a major challenge. 

In this context, the preservation of a Quality Management System, meeting the requirements of ISO9001 Version 2015, will be a powerful tool that will enable us to fulfil our strategic objectives, namely:

  1. The total satisfaction of our customers and feedback from our Stakeholders
  2. The involvement of all Vege Moteurs employees through the improvement of working conditions allowing each and every one of them to be part of the continuous improvement of our Quality management System.
  3. The development of the professionalism of our staff as well as its motivation and competence.

To ensure the efficient functioning of this Quality Management System, the General management ensures the implementation of processes and the taking into account of the requirements of customers and stakeholders.

Management commits itself to provide all human and material resources necessary to ensure the effectiveness of the QMS.  Through management reviews, General Management will be informed of the relevance of the Quality objectives with the context and the strategic orientations of VEGE Moteurs, and the effectiveness of the Quality management System. 

Johan Livered

The General Management